Arabic language course

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Islamic Arabic Courses, Tajweed, Quran Recitation

Arabic used in the Quran, the sacred book of Islam, is referred to as classical Arabic or Quranic Arabic. It differs slightly from the Arabic that is used in daily life today, which is standard. Some of the phrasing is where the main differences lie. Modern standard Arabic is the recommended course of study if your goal is to comprehend the Quran and acquire Islamic Arabic courses. Gaining a strong foundation in Arabic language and grammar can help you better understand the Quran’s intricate structure.

Stories of the Prophets

The verses pertaining to the six prophets serve as the foundation for these online Quran courses. The course will commence with Adam, the first prophet, and proceed chronologically, covering the life stories of prophet Muhammad as well.

Tajweed (Quaran Recitation Rules)

Online Faiz learning Quran Academy  Arabic is such a delicate language, even the smallest mispronunciation can have a significant impact on a word’s meaning. There are reading guidelines for the Quran that are in place to protect the meaning and reverence of the text. We refer to these laws as tajweed Quran .

You will master the different tajweed rules and practice reciting the Quran when you study Quranic Arabic online with us. You will discover the meanings of each word in the passages specifically. Any word in the chapter can be clicked to hear it said aloud and to see its translation.

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